Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nouveau Creations

I am a very big fan of the art nouveau style, and I also have a book that includes a large amount of really neat art nouveau designs. I was making a custom order recently, and was particularly inspired by this drawing:

I was making a pendant with silver wire and amethyst, so I started out by making an arrangement of three flowers using small round amethyst beads. Then I made the pendant by bending the wire with my fingers to attempt to achieve a similar kind of tangled, swoopy look to the pendant. Finally, I attached the amethyst flowers to the pendant using thin purple wire.

However, this pendant was much smaller than it needed to be for my custom order (it only measures 1.25"), so I started over again, incorporating a similar design feel but dispensing with the flowers, and this was the result:
And that's how it goes!
You can check out the amethyst pendent in my store here.


  1. wow!~ these are awesome! it is art as a necklace! so pretty!

  2. That's exactly how I think of my jewellery! Just a different art form. :)

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