Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Goals!

Blue Sunstar Necklace: the most recent item in my shop

Time to cross off April's goals and set some new ones for May!
I'm very glad to have an impetus to do this - it does give me a roadmap. You'd think with all the strategic planning emphasis in my library courses I'd have thought to apply it to my business by now!
Hmm, so, let's see how I did!
1)Apply to be a part of Portobello East
2)Apply to be a part of Store 54. Well, sort of - I actually decided that it would be too much of a demand on my time at the moment, along with working full-time. You should still check them out though! Store 54
3)Get more jewellery bags for online orders
4)Make minimum one piece of jewellery a week (this is what I usually do, but exams got me off track)
5)Blog once a week
6)Experiment with product photography (create a lightbox or take photos outside)
I'm not sure that the last one entirely counts. I did experiment with photography, just on my window ledge and not outside.

Onto the May goals!
1)Apply to be a part of the Wychwood Market
2)Experiment with product photography (create a lightbox or take photos outside). I've re-added this because I still want to do more with it. And see above about it counting.
3)write out my business plan. This goes back to the strategic goals - I think I'd like to have a map somewhere.
4) Get my accounts in order for 2009. I just did my 2008 taxes. There was swearing.

I think those are big enough goals for May! Any suggestions?

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